LEAD MAGNET: An essential tool for improving your conversion rate

One of the essential tools for online marketing that you should pay crucial attention to is Lead Magnet. You have likely done it before without knowing. It is an effective way of growing your business if you do it right. It is an online incentive that improves conversion rate and helps grow your business and reach wider audiences. Every business needs a lead magnet, though it comes in different approaches. Its peculiarity also differs based on what you are selling out.

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What is a Lead magnet?

A Lead Magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service given away to gather contact details; for example, lead magnets can be trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, e.t.c,

Benefits of Lead magnet

  • It helps to build a strong brand image
  • It helps to build an email list
  • It helps to develop customer relationship
  • It helps to increase sales

What your lead magnet should focus on

  1. Advantageous and practical: Taking time to go through a lengthy content and discover it was irrelevant. Give out what your audience needs and tips on how to use it.
  2. Define your product: Unnecessary products are not allowed. Your offer should represent your brand and engage potential customers to buy your products/services.
  3. High Value: A good lead magnet should have both high known and actual value.
  4. Display your Unique Value Proposition(UVP): When people go through your lead magnet, it should display your proficiency or UVP. Hence, in turn, it leads to a potential customer.
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Examples of a Lead Magnet

  • Software download / Free trial
  • Discount/Free shipping
  • Quiz/Survey
  • Video training
  • Resources list
  • Guide/Report
  • Handouts
  • Free Consultation
  • E-newsletter
  • White paper

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