Mercy Olayinka

Echo Reading: Enhancing Fluency and Literacy Skills in Children

Reading is a fundamental skill that lays the foundation for a child's academic success and lifelong learning. One effective strategy to nurture expressive and effortless reading in children is known as echo reading.

Child-Initiated Play

Child-initiated play is a play where children direct the activities. Like free play in early years, it allows children to choose what they play with, how and when they do so. It is often used in nurseries and early years classes, where children can help themselves with communal toys.
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Call and Response in Teaching in the Classroom

What is Call and Response?What are some valuable strategies for using Call and Response...

LEAD MAGNET: An essential tool for improving your conversion rate

What is a Lead magnet?Benefits of Lead magnetWhat your lead magnet should focus onExamples...
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People have changed the way they shop. Have you changed the way you sell?

1. People are way ahead of the holiday rush.2. People like the convenience of...
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